Exercise Area

We now have an exercise area available to hire.

This is a secure grassed area with 7ft fencing around.

Please see below for terms and conditions.

You can book via telephone, email or facebook message

Terms and Conditions

Sangreat Kennels will not accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury or death caused whether to persons, dogs or property while using the facility.

You are solely responsible for the supervision of your dog.

Dogs must remain on leads and in control until inside the compound with the gate closed.

The area is rented out for £5 per 30 minutes, £8 per hour for a maximum 2 dogs. Other arrangements can be made for group bookings – please contact us with your requirements.

The operating times will be 7am – 5pm Monday to Sunday.

Please allow yourself time to unload and load up within your booked time slot.

Only dogs that are familiar to one another will use the area at the same time.

You use the facility at your own risk.

Please do not allow your dog to dig the grass. If any damage is caused it must be reported to a member of staff before you leave.

Please do not climb the fences and if children are attending they must be kept under close supervision.

Your dog must be vaccinated. Please do not attend if they are showing any signs of ill health such as vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing or any other potentially contagious ailments.

Dog waste bins are provided and you must clean up after your own dog.

Clean water will be provided.

Hand sanitiser must be used on entering and leaving the compound.

The hire is purely for the grassed area however you are welcome to bring your own toys if you wish.

If you arrive late for your slot you will still need to leave on time if there is another booking following you.

If you arrive early and the area is in use please wait on the road until safe to enter.

We look forward to welcoming you