N. E. Lincs Strays

We are an acceptance point for stray dogs found in North East Lincolnshire within our opening hours.

If you find a dog please call us so we can check if we have had any missing reports matching the dog you have found.

You will need to tell us when and where you found the dog and give a brief description.

If you have lost a dog please ring us with a description and when / where you lost them.

When reclaiming a dog, you will need to pay fees in full and provide identification / proof of ownership before we can release them.

If a dog fails to be reunited with an owner after 7 clear days then they are transferred to foster homes where they are fully assessed for rehoming.

Please note we are not looking for foster homes or rehoming dogs direct from our kennels at this time.

Environmental Protection Act 1990

Control of Dogs order 1992

Under the above legislation any dog, whilst in a public place, must wear a collar and tag with the owner's details inscribed on it.